Ares® AK


ARES® AK is developed as a metabolic stimulator and moisturizer for the treatment of TIRED LOOKING SKIN and ALL TYPES OF TISSUE SCARRING.

How Ares® AK works

SUCCINIC ACID is produced and concentrated in the mitochondria and its primary biological function is that of a metabolic intermediate. Many metabolic pathways like metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol, and heme, rely on the temporary formation of succinate. It’s easy to understand that at the cellular level, succinic acid accelerates metabolic processes that promote skin rejuvenation, and can ultimately, help increase skin firmness and elasticity. The stimulating effect is completed by a pool of 14 NATURAL AMINOACIDS and a mixture of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids.

•       Hyaluronic acid 0,5 MDa

•       Hyaluronic acid 1 MDa

•       Succinic acid

•       Proline

•       Lysine

•       Leucine

•       Isoleucine

•       Hydroxyproline

•       Glycine

•       Valine

•       Threonine

•       Phenylalanine

•       Methionine

•       Glutammic acid

•       Arginine

One box contains 4 ampoules x 4 mL each

Main benefits

Ares AK® stimulates sluggish, dull and scarred skin to recover metabolic processes that will make the skin looking more vibrant, healthier and brighter.

The results of Ares® AK


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